Storm Warning! Are You Prepared



Storm warning! Those are the words you typically see trailing across the bottom of your television screen accompanied by an ear-piercing sound when severe weather is imminent. It means everyone in the direction of the storm should take safety actions immediately. The rains come in hard, as the winds whip through the air like giant unseen tails. Storms can be expected when weather patterns produce violent disturbances in the atmosphere with strong winds, usually with rain, thunder, lightning, or snow (per online definition). Those who are in the path of nature’s storms can easily find themselves in the dark with no electricity. They bump over chairs searching for candles or flashlights. Too late, they discover that there are no matches for the candles they can’t find and the battery in their trusty flashlight is dead. Say, “Unprepared!”

Some storms pass over us, and others hit us with a vengeance, head-on. However, there are other storms that come our way that are life-storms. These affect our spiritual atmosphere by creating strong winds of adversity around us; thunderous conditions in our homes, and every element of disaster and destruction in our personal lives. There are storms that come against our character and integrity, and storms that blow hard against our finances, our health, and our loved ones. Its intent is to rattle the walls of our faith or bring it down all together. We all want our life-storms to pass over quickly, or fizzle out before it reaches us or our families. But sometimes, we are caught smack in the middle without any warning signs.  (Photo via Pixabay) Continue reading

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Heaven is Connecting with Earth

sun-raysHeaven has come down to us!

Friday, August 19th, while driving around 6:00 in the evening, my eyes were drawn to the sky ahead of me. I noticed the sky was alive and bright with billowy clouds. The sun was fading in intensity as the day was preparing for evening. I was fixated on the beauty of God’s sky. (By the way, no other traffic was near me, so all was well.)

Suddenly, my eyes caught a wide beam of light piercing through the sky. The light beam’s origin was above the clouds.There was a large hole or opening in the sky that the light was radiating from. Its beam could be distinguished from the natural brightness of the sky. The light beam traveled all the way down to the ground. I knew I was seeing an open portal from heaven to earth. (Photo via Continue reading

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You’re in a Season of Transition, Shift Over


Transition. That’s the word I keep hearing in my spirit. According to the online dictionary, transition is defined as the process of changing from one state, stage, or concept to another. It means to make a transformation, to move, to undergo metamorphosis, to evolve, shift, or switch. Continue reading

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Youth Advancing to Front Lines for the True God

Young People.ed

Our youth get a lot of negative publicity. The media bombards us with stories of rape, murder, and other crimes committed by young men and women; leaving most with a bleak outlook for future generations as well as the youth of today. This Post serves to remind our readers that there are beautiful stories about the youth of today that will never be aired through secular networks or papers because they are honorable and display righteousness.  Continue reading

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Daughters Arising, Again

Daughters Arising, AgainDaughters Arising, Again.2Daughters Arising, Again.3

On the heels of celebrating mothers and those who play the role of mother in so many ways in our lives, it seems fitting that the Holy Spirit would once again turn to, and extend a call to action to the daughters of God. “Go!” and “Tell!” (Photos via Pixabay)

As I sat quietly a few days ago, I was presented with a fresh scene of the daughters of God at the grave site of Jesus. These were the women who went to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body after His crucifixion. When they arrived, they found that the stone to the entrance of the tomb had been moved and the tomb was left open and exposed. As they looked inside, they discovered the body of their beloved Master missing. Jesus was gone! “Who took His body?” they asked each other. Their hearts, already broken, were now broken beyond what they thought they could bear.

The earth shook and a brilliant light shone about. Through their tears, the women saw an angel waiting nearby. With words of encouragement, the angel gave these daughters of God an assignment that changed their lives forever: Continue reading

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The Cost of a Bowl of Stew

bowl of stewYou are a good cook and you make great stew. Your stew is so good, other people can’t wait to eat it. Yet you find yourself desiring someone else’s second rate stew. (Photo via Pixabay)

Chapters 25 and 27 of Genesis tell the story of two brothers, Esau and Jacob, who were rivals from the womb. As the oldest, though only by seconds, Esau would automatically inherit the rights and blessings of the first-born. However, his destiny would forever be changed because of a bowl of stew.  Continue reading

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You go to bed after a long hard day; turn the lights off and breathe a sigh of relief. You’re so glad to end the day. It’s peaceful and quiet. Just as you turn over to go to sleep, you hear the leak from the faucet. Yes, you have a leaky faucet! The drip is slow at first, but you’re too tired to get up. Soon the leaking increases in frequency; irritating you and slowly stealing your peace. Avoiding Leaks

We are containers in the flesh where Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, dwells. God calls us His temple. As noted in 1Corinthians 6:19, at the moment of salvation, the Bible tells us our bodies become the Lord’s house. “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies” (NIV). In other words, when we receive Christ Jesus as our Savior, the Father and Son come to live inside of us through the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

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The wages of sin comes with a judgment price attached to it called death. There is only one way of escape.

Over two thousand years ago, the Son of God came to live among the humans He created. For thirty-three years, He walked as one of us. He breathed the same air; wore the fashions of the day; experienced our day-to-day survival; felt our pain; learned what it was like to be hungry and in need; danced in celebrations; Continue reading

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“Be still and know that I am God”, says the Lord.

As Americans ponder on whom to choose as their next President and leader of the free world, many are driven to primaries and caucuses by fear instead of the council of God. Fearing leads to wrong thoughts, which causes us to make wrong choices. A fear-based people will always choose what or whomever alleviates their fears, even if it compromises their beliefs. (Selah).

Fear is a powerful emotion that causes torment. It creates all sorts of mental disorders; inviting anger, anxiety, chaos, confusion, lunacy, pandemonium, and destruction. God never wanted us to experience fear. It was never His desire for us to be mentally tormented. In His kingdom there is a calm assurance; a peace that passes all our understanding, and a joyful attitude.

When the angel, Gabrielle, approached Mary, the first thing he said to her after greeting her was, “fear not” (Luke 1:30). That remains, even now, the constant word of the Lord to His people, “fear not”. Scripture in Deuteronomy 10:14 records this statement, “To the Lord your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it”.  Continue reading

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What issues are you facing that seem hopeless?

A woman who had been bleeding for twelve years, needed a miracle. She believed that healing was possible for her if she could just get to Jesus. Her faith got stirred up and she started to see her healing. In spite of the terminal diagnosis she had gotten from her doctors, she dared to believe that Jesus could heal her body.

The law of the day said because of her bleeding, she was unclean and that she must be isolated from society. In fact, anything she touched was considered unclean. Imagine the torment of being unable to be with those you love because contact with them would make them unclean, as well. Imagine the shame and sense of worthlessness she must have felt because of her sickness and isolation.   Continue reading

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